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Going forward, I will hire Wacker Plumbing

Wacker Plumbing helped me out with an expansion tank for my hot water heater.  In November, I had purchased a new HWH from Sears and had their third party install it.  This was a big mistake – lesson learned.  I was told I didn’t need an expansion tank despite having one… and of course when I went to list my condo and sell it, a home inspector called it out.  I should’ve kept it there and gone against the Sears installer.  I re-engaged that third party and the next technician didn’t know how to install an expansion tank based on my setup.  That’s when I knew I needed a professional that knew what they were doing.

In came Wacker plumbing, and everything’s working.  Yes, I had to pay the additional time and materials to Wacker since they weren’t originally involved – but I’ll be paying Sears a visit due to this mishap.

Going forward, I will hire Wacker Plumbing for any future hot water heater replacements – I recommend you do the same.