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Amazing Staff & Technicians

I have been a Wacker Plumbing customer for 8 years. I have tried other plumbers to see whether I can save any money on plumbing costs for my rental town home, but one plumber company charged twice what Wacker plumbing did and the other plumber had a very bad attitude, as well as expensive prices.

The Wacker Plumbing staff and technicians are amazing. The most recent time Larry fixed the invisible water leak problem. He identified the problem right after he walked in. He was confident that the water leak was fixed after repair, and when I called Loudoun Water to see whether there was any further leaking, they informed me it was indeed fixed. Wacker Plumbing had also sent me a 10% off coupon for being a loyal customer. I have a Wacker Plumbing sticker on my garage door and if my tenants complain about any plumbing problems, I tell them call Wacker Plumbing right away and get it fixed! I am glad that I found the right company!