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Don’t just take our word for it – read on for testimonials from our customers.

You put the Customer in Customer Service

Hello Bryan,

Thank you for returning my call about duration and variables of plumbing “stuff”. You put the customer in customer service – always professional, personable and efficient! I appreciate your wealth of knowledge. I hope your knee plain eases with time!

Regards & thanks!

Mariann Reddy

Helpful Advice

I want to thank you for the work at my house on 7/31 and diagnosing the low gas pressure. Based on your advice I e-mailed Washington Gas Customer Service that afternoon had an e-mail back the next day setting an appointment for today. Today a contractor came to the house, said the system was a split system because of the original HP line to the fireplace but did not need to be any more, removed all the old regulators and meter and replaced the old exterior 5.5 IWC regulator with a new 7 IWC regulator. It seems that the issue is solved, but I never would have gotten there without your help and analysis.

Thank you.

Quinton Robinson

Thank You!

Thank you so very very very very much for taking care of us this morning and changing our toilet! Larry and Eric were excellent just as is Jamal and yourself!

Also thank you very much for not charging us again to sneak out that drain I really appreciated it and so did my husband!

It was an emergency and I couldn’t wait as I had to go to Arlington hospital after 1030 so I appreciate you accommodating me and the time and rearranging your schedule it means more to me than you’ll ever know!

Georgia & Charles S

Immediate Response!

My husband and I had an emergency with water pouring into our basement from a clogged sewer line.
Wacker Plumbing responded immediately, and the seasoned professional quickly performed tests and identified the problem location.

In addition to making two visits to bring special equipment we were impressed by Wacker’s expertise, and particularly by their sensitivity to our comfort through exceptional efforts to minimize disruption. During removal of the obstruction, Wacker kept us informed of the technical options and conducted additional sewer cleanup and tests to ensure non-recurrence of the problem.

As an unexpected bonus, Wacker’s invoice was most reasonable for the work performed.

TEN well deserved stars to a truly outstanding Company!

Betty & Jorge P

Great & Customer Service

I called this morning and they gave me a 11-2 time window. We were on a time crunch and Jamal came at 11 and fixed our stopped up kitchen sink. Thank you so much for a great/prompt customer service.

Leilani E.

Going forward, I will hire Wacker Plumbing

Wacker Plumbing helped me out with an expansion tank for my hot water heater.  In November, I had purchased a new HWH from Sears and had their third party install it.  This was a big mistake – lesson learned.  I was told I didn’t need an expansion tank despite having one… and of course when I went to list my condo and sell it, a home inspector called it out.  I should’ve kept it there and gone against the Sears installer.  I re-engaged that third party and the next technician didn’t know how to install an expansion tank based on my setup.  That’s when I knew I needed a professional that knew what they were doing.

In came Wacker plumbing, and everything’s working.  Yes, I had to pay the additional time and materials to Wacker since they weren’t originally involved – but I’ll be paying Sears a visit due to this mishap.

Going forward, I will hire Wacker Plumbing for any future hot water heater replacements – I recommend you do the same.

Mitchell B.

Excellent service, impeccable manners, excellent speed.

Brian Wacker and his assistant Joshua, from Wacker Plumbing came out to fix a water pressure/water hammer issue as well as 2 toilets that were not flushing properly. Excellent service, impeccable manners, excellent speed. All fixed properly in less than an hour. Thank you Wacker Plumbing!

Gigi M.

Very Satisfied Customers!

The job is finally complete and we are very satisfied customers! The workers were all very professional and diligent and a pleasure to have in our home. Happy Thanksgiving to The Wacker Family and Employees and thank you for getting the job completed prior to the arrival of family & friends!

Julie S.

From a Long-Time Customer

I know people love to write letters of complaint and post nasty, negative comments on social media. But I am just not that kind of person. Besides, what could I possibly complain about when I have Wacker Plumbing on my side?!

You all have been with me since I bought my condo 25 years ago! You have repaired and replaced when necessary and always treated me fairly and with absolute outstanding customer service — from the initial phone call for help to the ever so polite personnel who have to do the work.

I wish you all the very best always, because that is what you’ve always delivered to me!

Terre M.

Amazing Staff & Technicians

I have been a Wacker Plumbing customer for 8 years. I have tried other plumbers to see whether I can save any money on plumbing costs for my rental town home, but one plumber company charged twice what Wacker plumbing did and the other plumber had a very bad attitude, as well as expensive prices.

The Wacker Plumbing staff and technicians are amazing. The most recent time Larry fixed the invisible water leak problem. He identified the problem right after he walked in. He was confident that the water leak was fixed after repair, and when I called Loudoun Water to see whether there was any further leaking, they informed me it was indeed fixed. Wacker Plumbing had also sent me a 10% off coupon for being a loyal customer. I have a Wacker Plumbing sticker on my garage door and if my tenants complain about any plumbing problems, I tell them call Wacker Plumbing right away and get it fixed! I am glad that I found the right company!



Reference Invoice #19205 and the repairs you accomplished at my house the week before Christmas. The main reason for this letter is to commend the two employees who worked at the townhouse. I was impressed when they showed up early to start the job and was more than impressed everyday to observe their work ethic and professionalism. Both men were very friendly, prompt, polite and steady hard workers; very real assets to your organization. I want to thank you as an organization for being reliable and prompt in your estimates and completion of work.