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Good morning!

I’m writing with excitement to tell you about the awesome experience I just had with Mr. Jamal. I was referred to Wacker Plumbing by a Deacon at my church, He specifically told me to ask for Jamal, because of his professionalism from beginning to end.

I initially called and spot to Ms. Gail. She was very pleasant and helpful in getting me scheduled for an appointment. I always appreciate great customer service.

Jamal arrived today as scheduled and took the time to listen to my store of how this issue came to be. Afterwards, he immediately began to assess the situation. My thought was that the drain pipe was leaking and causing water to leave from the master bedroom tub through the ceiling of the living room. Jamal ran a test and did not see that as an issue. He could have stopped there but said “let’s take a closer look”. Jamal went to the master bedroom tub, and removed extra tile so that he could see why there was water accumulation on the floor board. He assessed that there is a leak coming from both hot and cold cartridges causing water to run through the tub deck (DELTA ????)

I’m sure you know Jamal is a valuable employee. My hope is that you will share my sentiments with him. We will be calling Jamal back fro the repairs and I will be letting my circle of friends know about how great Wacker Plumbing treated us today.

I hope you have a great day and if you ever need a voice for your business, I would love to collaborate with you!

Kindest regards,

Vince Eury